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The Correct Way to Wash Your New Tattoo

• ALWAYS wash your hands before handling your new tattoo.
• 4 hours after you receive your new tattoo, remove and discard the bandage. At that time, wash your new tattoo. Use warm water and gently wash in a circular motion.
• Use only the soap given to you by your Constant Creations artist, and don’t use cloths, brushes or any other cleaning implements – your hand or fingers provide the perfect pressure and surface.
• Wash away any ointment or lymph fluid. Pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

For the first couple of days you should wash your tattoo as described above every 8 hours or whenever your new piece feels warm, full, and sticky to the touch. This sensation indicates that your tattoo has a build up of lymphatic fluid – which is completely natural. This fluid needs to be washed away so you don’t get a scab. Your healing should flake like sunburn instead. Wash your tattoo a couple of times a day to keep it clean and wash away any sweat or dirt build-up.

New Tattoo Care

Sometime in the first few days your new tattoo will start to feel tight and dry. This is natural. After washing, let it air dry for about ten minutes before applying any salve or lotion.  Apply a small amount of comfrey salve and massage into your tattoo thoroughly; wiping any extra salve off the surface to it can breathe. If you treat it properly, your new tattoo will heal very quickly without losing any color.

Use the healing salve every couple of hours or whenever the tattoo feels dry and tight. You should continue cleaning and using the salve until the shininess of the skin has disappeared, which can take a month. Remember that any exposure to the suns rays will permanently destroy your tattoo’s beauty. For the first few months after receiving your new tattoo, you should always keep it covered. Once completely healed you should use sunscreen to keep the colors bright.

If your tattoo gets waterlogged in the first month it will fade. You can certainly take showers, but do not bathe or soak the area. Also, do not swim until your tattoo is completely healed.

If your tattoo is a little sore and red like a sunburn you can use an ice pack wrapped in a cotton t-shirt to help or splash with cold water periodically.

Our recommendations:
• The only soap I recommend is a pure and natural white bar soap. We sell a natural soap with almond oil and comfrey. 2 oz bars for $2 and $6 for the 8 oz. bar.

• The only healing salve I recommend is Dr Burt’s comfrey salve which is about $5-6. This is the best. It’s packed in a green tin with a picture of a doctor on the front. Comfrey speeds up your skin’s cell regeneration. Carry the tin with you and PLEASE don’t share it with anyone (for hygienic purposes). In Spokane, you can find Dr. Burt’s at Huckleberries (624-1349) or Pilgrim’s (747-5622).

Be sure that your clothing does not irritate your tattoo during the healing process. DO NOT wear any clothes over your tattooed area until it’s well healed. Instead, wear soft, breathable clothes. If your tattoo is on your foot you will need to take special care. Elevate it for about an hour a day and make sure the tattooed area isn’t being rubbed (stay away from tight shoes). Again, be sure to keep it clean. After washing, be sure the tattoo is completely dry before putting on socks. If your socks are fuzzy – wear them inside out.


Within the first year, touch-ups are $20 – to cover my supplies. Touch-ups on high-wear areas (hands, feet, necks, or cover-ups) are $100 per hour as this work is not guaranteed to heal right.


If you have questions, need tips or advice just call me. Charissa at (509)747-8600


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