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One Eyed Jax

Jaxsin C. Werr | January 7th thru February 2nd | promo flyer

You know how people tell you to look or think outside the box? I personally like to think   that there is no box. I'm inspired by those people who think the way I do. Those people make me think more about what my work is during the process and see what it could be. For example, James Turrell's use of light in his installations and how they give an illusionary effect that there is a box where there isn't one. In the near future, I can see   my work becoming more conceptual, as I find my place as an artist. As of recent, I have been working on a lot of self-portraits. I guess it is my unconscious telling me to stop looking around and start looking within myself to find my art instead of watching life turn in to another stupid sitcom. I have a fear that one day I will end up limiting myself to only one type of media, and I don't want that. I think I would start hating my art if I did that, it would be something I'd deeply regret. My favorite medium is drawing, but I also want to create everything from 2D (i.e. screen-printing, drawing, and painting), 3D (i.e. Installation and sculpture), to digital, film, and video art.

Creating art is like an obsession with me, I am constantly drawing, creating digital art, painting, or creating ideas for movies I plan to do in the future. I also think sometime in the future, I will touch on the subject  of dreams, and how they affect people without them knowing it. I'm inspired by David Lynch's use of dreams as a subject for his films. I am also inspired by Jackson Pollock's large, abstract, expressionist paintings. But the artist I happen to be inspired by the most just happens to be my own father. He inspired me to take a chance and stick with art at a young age, and I haven't stopped since.

My immediate goals are to go on and obtain my B.F.A. from Evergreen State College. I think the learning community atmosphere would be a great thing for me on so many different levels and plan to concentrate on Film/Video, 2D, and 3D. While finishing my education I plan to start exhibiting my work first in Spokane then perhaps Olympia and Seattle.



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